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Cape Breton Museums Network
Getting Involved

Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way. Here are different options for you to get involved. For example:

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Become a member!

If you belong to the museum community
on Cape Breton Island,
why not register now?

Individuals $8 - Institutions $25 yearly

Individuals will receive a membership card, and institutions, a certificate.

Receipts available.


Why not volunteer your time?

You wish to give a hand?

Volunteers are needed:

• correspondents from all over the Island,
• a graphic designer,
• a web designer/programmer,
• an ISP,
• a web miner,
• a database programmer,
• a secretary,
• a researcher,
• a marketer/publicist,
• a bus tour operator or travel agent…

Please call:
(902) 539-8154, or write to:

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Share your comments with us about this web site, or the CBMN initiative.


Contribute to the upcoming newsletter...

Let everyone know what is happening in your community, your organization or your museum!

Recommend your Museum for one of our upcoming monthly Spotlights...

Please feel free to discuss this with us. This is a free-of-charge service to the museum community on Cape Breton Island, so take advantage of it to promote your museum!


Tell your friends about the CBMN, your museums network!


Send us a picture of your museum and/or pictures of artifacts.

In fact, you can also send (mail, or e-mail) us any picture(s) of artifacts, i.e. those in your museum, or those you personally own. Or pictures of monuments, historic houses, etc. Please include a description.


Recommend a website:

Please provide the information (name and URL of website), and tell us why you like it...


Add your name to a list of people working in Cape Breton museums or heritage organizations.

Our Museums and Heritage Societies


Register for an upcoming event.

Or perhaps, you have a suggestion for an activity?

Make a donation.

Contributions are tax-deductible.

As of now, the CBMN does not receive any outside money for its operations, i.e. to offset the costs of printing, mailouts, mailbox, phone line and long-distance calls, etc.
It is very much a labour of love!