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Cape Breton Museums Network
About the CBMN

The Cape Breton Museums Network
is an independent, non-profit organization
created in 2001.

The CBMN's mission:

To become a reference
and a significant presence
working for the benefit of
Cape Breton museums
and our museum community.

Its purpose:

The Cape Breton Museums Network has three (3) main objectives:

To promote our museums with Cape Bretoners and visitors

To facilitate professional and social exchanges within the Cape Breton museum community

To connect and network with other museums in Canada and worldwide


The CBMN's tools: databases on Cape Breton's

(1) museums,

(2) commemorative monuments and sites,

(3) historic buildings,

(4) heritage societies,

(5) museum workers,

(6) inventory of artifacts.

The CBMN's products / What's coming up:

mailing lists

a directory

a locator map for our museums

current exhibitions listing

a calendar of events

a newsletter

employment opportunities

a Cape Breton Museums Annual Day

the CB Artifacts Inventory Project

Museum Tours of the Island and

a website packed with information!

Where is Cape Breton Island?

We'll put our address and directions to our office here. We might also include a MapQuest Web Gem to display a map to our office.